Search Engine Optimisation – this is often a confusing and overwhelming topic.

So, what is Local SEO and why would you want to focus on it?

You may have heard of keywords (or keyword phrases), which is pretty much what people are typing into Google.

By focusing on local SEO, you can go from targeting a very popular and difficult to rank for phrase such as “Search Engine Optimisation” (just imagine how many people are going for that one!!) and focus on something like “Search Engine Optimisation Canberra” (or Brisbane, Melbourne, etc).

The exciting thing here is that with some little tricks, you can appear in Google searches even when people haven’t typed in their location, as Google knows where people are and they love hooking them up with local services.

Here are my top 5 tips for improving local SEO for your website.


1. Set up Google My Business

For this one, you don’t even need a website! So if you’re after more clients and visibility in your local area and are yet to invest in a website, this is the tip for you.

It’s easy to set up a Google My Business page, you just go to and can create your page, have your business listed at your address (you do need a street address, not a PO Box) and you can add a link to your website, phone number, photos and lots more.


2. List your website in local directories

Having your website listed (often with backlinks, but not necessarily), helps improve trust for your brand and helps Google (and potential clients) know you are who you say you are and you’re not just pretending to be something on one little website.


3. Be consistent!

Following on from the listings in directories, you need to make sure you’re consistent with your address listings. You’ll want all your address, phone number and website listings to be consistent. If you’re using a .com address some places and others or have an old address on one directory, your new address for Google My Business and a PO Box listed on your website, this doesn’t work well for consistency and proving to Google (and potential clients) that you are a genuine person.


4. Mention your location

Have a look through your website. How much have you mentioned your location? If your business name is “SEO in Canberra”, you probably don’t have an issue, but if you’re “Josie’s Plumbing”, you can easily forget to mention that you’re in Canberra and aren’t really willing to pop over to Perth to fix up a toilet.

Make sure you’re not mentioning the location in every second sentence, but popping an address in the footer and sliding it into bits of information will help you to target your local audience and show them you’re around and available for them.


5. Don’t forget the others

While Google My Business is super important and the majority of people will be using Google searches, don’t forget to list your business on Bing Places and Apple Maps.

These will only take a few minutes to set up and although they don’t have the reach that Google has, they are the default for some devices, so it’s worth being there ready to capture people using these services.


Do you have any other tips to improve Local SEO? Please comment below with any other tips you have.

If you’re after some SEO help (either with a local focus or just general SEO for your website), get in touch with me.