Additional Services

In WordPress, updates are one thing of very high importance (in terms of both security and functionality).

With your website package, you will receive instructions telling you how to perform updates yourself – ideally, these should be checked at least weekly, with backups in place in case something goes wrong when updating your site.

It is very important that you keep your website and plugins up to date.

I also provide a variety of support options, including monthly and weekly backups and updates (so you don’t have to worry about it). When you sign up to a hosting plan with updates included, this means you have less to worry about for your website.

Domain names and hosting

I recommend that for Australian businesses you purchase the and .com (if available) domain names for your business (a registration requires a valid ABN for your business – so make sure you have registered your business name and have an ABN first – although it is good to double check the domain name availability before you lock in a business name).

If you are also targeting an international audience, the .com address might suit you better.


Yes, I offer domain name registration as well as hosting (with a variety of support options available).

If you would like me to include domain name registration in your quote, please include this in your quote form (please note: addresses can only be registered for a 2 year term).

The hosting I provide is quoted separately to the website package – as this is an ongoing monthly cost. There are no contracts for this service and you can change as your business grows (to add on support or a higher level of support for example).

Please contact me for more information about hosting and support options.

Yes, you are welcome to organise your own hosting for your website.

Some of the benefits of keeping your hosting with me are that I know the whole server environment and have much more control over things than if you are hosting with one of the budget hosts (this means I am more likely to be able to help if something goes wrong). I also offer support plans which are only available in conjunction with a hosting package.

I offer very high quality hosting, so if you are after an extreme budget option, you are welcome to talk to me about what other options I would recommend.

My Websites

Gone are the days when you could just be there and people would walk past your shop and see what you have to offer.

So many people see a shop, then go home and type the name into Google (or bing, yahoo, whatever your preferred search engine is).

Having a web presence for your business, as well as social media pages is a definite necessity in today’s market.

I can create an awesome website for you, help you start the authentication to have your business listed at your address on google maps.

I can also get you set up with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools which are great tools for checking your website traffic, as well as details of who your visitors are.

All websites that I create are made with WordPress.


There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, this allows you to take your site anywhere and you aren’t locked in with anything.

There is also a lot of support and information out there for WordPress sites as it is a very popular CMS (Content Management System) for websites.

WordPress uses plugins to perform a huge range of tasks, so if you’re looking to expand in the future and add something new, it can be done without having to create a whole new website.

Yes, once I create your website, I will supply you with some basic instructions for updating information on your website, depending on what sort of website you have chosen (a basic information site, blog, e-commerce, and so on).

I am more than happy to perform updates for you if you would prefer us to do that (please contact me for a quote) but I would prefer that you feel comfortable enough to make small simple changes yourself and not have to wait to get things updated (and also save money!).

Yes! Google has already stated how important it is for websites to be mobile friendly (in terms of SEO – your rating in search engines).

This is a very important factor, as well as improving the user experience on mobile devices.

This is a must for all websites – if you have a website that isn’t mobile friendly (you can check if your website is considered “mobile friendly” by google here ( ) and would like some help please contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you (this service is only available for WordPress websites as this is where I specialise. Please note that to make your website mobile friendly, this may require a layout change – sometimes this isn’t necessary, it will depend what sort of theme you are using as well as a few other factors).